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Dear LR Friends,

We hope you are well and in good heart in these difficult times.

This month there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, as Spain announces boarders will soon be reopening. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told the nation in a television broadcast on 23/05/20 that international tourism will commence across Spain in July 2020 – “saving the summer season.”

Lanzarote Retreats are really looking forward to welcoming you all back after 14 weeks. Meanwhile, we thought we would give you an insight into the Braddock Family Household during the quarantine experience (see interviews below).

The current situation seems to have given many people time to reflect and consider new ways of leading their lives in future. For example, it’s been apparent that many of those who know and love the island of Lanzarote, are planning to spend longer stretches of time here. If you are looking to “get away” for a longer period than usual, do get in touch for information on our long-let discounts or investments.

Over the years Tila and Michelle have brought up four children (now all grown up adults!) living the eco dream at Finca de Arrieta. The eco village was created by the couple 13 years ago. Tila is a remarkable visionary, committed to a sustainable lifestyle, and their priorities were, as a family, to live sustainably and still enjoy family luxuries. From this grew the Eco village “Finca de Arrieta” opening its doors and being available for other families to come and enjoy. The Braddock family continued to expand its holiday home options to include a hand-picked selection of private villas and beach front apartments all with eco features.

See you soon!
With best wishes from the Lanzarote Retreats Team x

Tila’s News,

Seeing so many guests returning over the last 12 years gives me great pleasure. Kids who were toddlers now come back as teenagers. Even now with my kids returning from Uni, it’s great to see they still love collecting the eggs from the chickens. The Finca has given everyone so much pleasure and I believe has stayed true to an ongoing evolving of a sustainable path for the future.


The new venture of planting of the veggies has also been a fun project for all the family. We are now already picking veggies, such as radishes, tomatoes, and runner beans. The kids are seeing and tasting the benefits of planting seeds.The vineyard has been advancing with the conversion of a 45ft container into a dwelling using natural stone and recycled wood.


We got a call from the local police last week that a patera fishing boat (photo) from the Western Sahara was abandoned on the beach in Arrieta and if I could arrange the transport, we could keep it as long as I didn’t put it back in the sea to use. I did fleetingly think that it would be fun to sail it back and find the original owners (that could make a good film!).Anyway, it’s now up in the vineyard with the most spectacular views (main  header image) looking down from the mountain to the beach below, where its journey ended.

So now it’s going to be the new Saharan splash pool boat cum hot tub. If it’s managed to keep the water out all the way from Africa, hopefully now we will be keeping the water in! It will feel like a swimming pool, I believe, and I look forward to sharing it with you all in the future!

Regards Tila

Michelle’s News

I can’t believe another month has passed us by!  May is, in fact, one of my favourite months of the year here in Lanzarote.  The days are long, the sun yields a perfect temperature, and the refreshing sea breeze seems just heavenly.

We have had much to celebrate as a family; Gerome, Freddie and Tila have all turned a year older, and their birthdays will be ones to remember. Tila and I have also celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.


In years to come, we will all remember 2020 as ‘’the year things changed” because we were here together complete as a family in quarantine. We will also have created some of our favourite family memories. We have managed to capture a sample of these in our Finca movie – Starring Freddie and Produced by Robbie ( have to say we have been very privileged, during our lock-down, to enjoy the space that Villa Palacio ( provides. It has given us the opportunity to be together as a family, yet providing us with ample space. We had grand plans for a party ( at Palacio for Monique’s 18th and Freddie’s 21st but, because of lock-down, were unable to implement them. This was a huge disappointment, but one which we realise is of no consequence compared to the shattering suffering carried by the virus to countless families across the globe.

As I sit here now watching the sun setting and the sea sparkle, I have to say it truly feels like the earth has managed to “take a breath”. From our recent experience I have learnt to value and enjoy such moments of tranquility. 

Michelle x

Braddock family interviews

-Short introduction about yourself

I’m Michelle Braddock, Tila’s wife – and mum of our four children. Tila and I co-founded Lanzarote Retreats back in 2007, and I now work in sales and marketing for the Lanzarote Retreats team.

I’m Tila, Michelle and I have proudly created our own dreams. I’m originally from North London and decided to move to Lanzarote when I was 17 as a windsurfer; it was then that I fell in love with our island. Michelle and I met here in Lanzarote and began our family shortly after.

I’m Joshua, the eldest child of the Braddock’s. I’m an avid surfer and was based in Cornwall for a couple years. I am now back in Lanzarote managing the different departments at Lanzarote Retreats with my parents.

My name is Gerome and I’m the second Braddock child. I’m currently studying for my master’s degree in artificial intelligence and love everything computer related!

My name is Freddie, I am Michelle and Tila’s third son, currently spending quarantine on Lanzarote.

My name is Monique, I am the youngest of the four as well as the only girl! I moved from Lanzarote to Cornwall two years ago to study for my A-Levels. I help part-time with the Social Media Marketing for Lanzarote Retreats.

-What were you doing before quarantine began?

M – I have been spending my time split between Cornwall and Lanzarote, this was whilst Monique has been in Cornwall studying. I love the contrast of both places!

T – Before quarantine began, I was very busy looking after our guests and organizing their holidays!

J – I was taking a couple of weeks holiday in Denmark and had decided to fly to Cornwall to spend a couple days visiting my mum and my sister as well as my friends. However, I had to cut it short due to the Spanish lockdown measures.

G – I was attending university lectures and enjoying my time by the sea in Brighton.

F – Before the lockdown, I was preparing to finish my Biochemistry degree at the university of Sussex. With only weeks lefts of lectures, we were abruptly told that the university will be continuing online. As difficult as the change may be, it allowed me to go home with my family to spend the lockdown together.

M – Before quarantine, I was very busy handing in all my Photography coursework and preparing for the rest of my exams; which were originally going to be in May/June. I was also beginning to plan and save up for my gap year when I was hoping to travel and see more of the world

-How have you kept yourself busy? Or have you been relaxing?

M – The family are keeping me busy! We have spent lots of time cooking and playing board games! I also have loved that I have been able to continue my UK social life such as Rock Choir and online Yoga classes.

T – I have numerous ongoing projects, so I have been very busy planning those and doing as much as I can whilst adhering to the lockdown rules. I’d always had a vision of our own plantation at Finca de Arrieta, so now has been the perfect time to begin this.

J – I usually spend my days working and surfing in the afternoon, but the lockdown measures have prohibited surfing, so I’ve spent my time painting and doing small jobs around the house. I’ve also put some time into music and DJ’ing.

G – I’ve been very busy with assignments and study but managed to squeeze in some time to relax with friends now that Spain has alleviated some of the previous lockdown restrictions.

F – I’ve tried to keep busy. In the mornings I help maintain the crops we are currently growing at Finca de Arrieta. In the evenings I am continuing my essays and assignments which are due at the end of May.

M – I think we have all been very busy over here! I have had a little work to hand in for my a-levels as our exams have been cancelled. Since finishing this, I have been helping out doing things such as quality control for the accommodations my parents own. I have had the job of looking after the chickens, feeding them daily, and we have all helped grow our own vegetables at Finca de Arrieta. On the weekends I have been loving relaxing by the pool in the sun!

-What are your plans for after quarantine?

M – For me it’s to continue my time between Cornwall and Lanzarote and try to take some time out!

T – After quarantine I hope to stay fit and stress lessabout work.

J – I’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach and preparing the accommodations to welcome our first guests

G – The current plan is to stay in sunny Lanzarote as long as possible whilst the U.K. is still on lockdown. It won’t be long until we’ll be back to enjoying the beach and sea.

F – After quarantine is over, I would like to spend some time being able to see friends on the island, before heading back to the U.K. for my studies and work.

M – I hope to visit my friends in Lanzarote before I return to my home in Cornwall. I’m now looking forward to finding some work in Cornwall; so, I can hopefully travel before I begin university in 2021!

-Have you taken up a new skill during quarantine?

M – Some new skills I have been learning, are planting vegetables and crops at ‘Finca De Arrieta’ and I have also been attempting crochet!

T – I haven’t necessarily picked up a new skill, but I have definitely improved my knowledge of growing our plants and vegetables. I have also been very focused on my diet, becoming vegetarian and cutting out all alcohol and caffeine. Although I really do miss my coffees!

J – I’ve taught myself how to play the guitar and have been spending a lot of time cooking in the kitchen!

G – nI haven’t taught myself anything new yet, but I’ve been helping my parents set up a new management system for the company whilst doing my dissertation alongside it.

F – During lockdown I decided to begin learning sign language, I thought it would be a good way to keep me busy and I will never have time like now to learn new skills, so I thought why not?

M – I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen, cooking and baking. In the past year I have had to cut out gluten from my diet, so I’ve been loving trying new recipes.