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Rancho Texas Park Adult Tickets


Looking for a fun day out with the family?

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is the perfect day out for all ages. Rancho consist of part water park and splash zone and part animal enclosures, which means you can relax by the pool between shows or take a leisurely stroll around the park.

Swim and interact with sea lions, feel eagles, vultures, falcons and even  condor. Ride on ponies or go canoeing. Watch closely the daily lives of mammals, birds and reptiles. Swim safe in pools with fun water games. Choose from a wide selection of your favourite meals and enjoy the promenades, gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces designated for relaxation.

The Park is open daily from 9.30h to 17.30h.

Price includes entrance and lunch Adults 32€ each and Children 24€ each.