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We hope you’re all safe and well, and managing to enjoy some sunshine, as we are, whilst you’re in lockdown.

We wanted to keep in touch with you all, so here’s a few words from some of the Braddock family.



A few words from Tila Braddock – Founder…

Lanzarote is fortunate enough to have come off quite lightly, with very few cases registered to date, it is said that the year-long warmth has halted the spread of the virus and will continue to do so.

At Finca de Arrieta the Eco Village we have carried on as normal, the only difference being the lack of guests and staff. This has led to us, “The Braddocks” looking after the day to day tasks.

We’ve been spending a lot of time with the donkeys, chickens and ducks which has really been enjoyable.

This is the first time in 13 years we’ve never had anyone at the Eco Village, so we have made the most of our available time actioning your valuable feedback forms and improvements to the village.













The family and I have started our own field growing a great selection of vegetables (potatoes, beans, tomatoes, onions, watermelons, sweet potatoes…). All will be ready to pick middle of June onwards. We look forward to sharing these with you all and would be nice to keep this going all year round.

It has always been a goal to self-sustainable. Our alternative energy system powering all 17 properties on the Finca and the well producing 3 tones of fresh drinking water a day.

With the additional vegetable patch and our chickens producing plenty of eggs, I’m happy to say we are almost there. Its good for you to know that when you’re staying at Finca de Arrieta, no matter what’s happening around the world, you’re guaranteed a sustainable holiday.

Michelle Braddock Co-Founder…

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our past guests for keeping in touch and sending lots of lovely supportive comments. As you can all imagine this has been a challenging time for us as a family as well as a business. We are lucky to have all the Braddock family together at Finca de Arrieta. Our phones and chat lines are staying open to deal with any requests you have. I am working long hours to keep up, helping with date changes and future enquiries. I am here to help you with any future holiday plans, ensuring you and your family have something to look forward to. Don’t forget, we are blessed with year-round sunshine so what better than to plan a stay with us later this year.It’s always nice to have something to look forward to especially in these unprecedented times. If you have a birthday, anniversary or other celebration coming up and cannot make it out to the shops, then do consider a Gift Card Voucher from Lanzarote Retreats. What a perfect way to give a family member or friend something they can use to plan and have something to really look forward too.

It’s good to know that when you or your loved ones are dealing directly with Lanzarote Retreats we are always here for you to plan your next perfect stay no matter what.

From our family to your sending you lots of Lanzarote Sunshine Mxx.

Accommodations and hybrid vehicles are ready and waiting for you, for you to enjoy on your next well-deserved holiday.







Joshua Braddock LR General Manager…

As a lot of you may know I tend to surf every day, however due to the present restrictions I’ve had to take up another hobby; Director of LR Maintenance. In other words, jack of all trades. Last week I sanded the swimming pool, daybed and communal area. I then repainted and varnished it accordingly.

I’m now keeping myself busy revising your feedback forms, getting into all the accommodations and painting. I’ve traded my usual reef scratches for painted patches. I look forward to showing of all the hard work soon.


Tony (30x Iron man) & wife Jackie (army Air traffic control) see photo above.

They were left stranded with no way back home. The only possibility was to fly into Madrid and drive home to Italy.
They decided to stay an additional 8 nights with us here in Arrieta.
Staying in Casa Volcán 

“For a couple of Italian residents stranded in Lanzarote as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak, Lanzarote Retreats was a gift from heaven. Our stay at Casa Volcan during this time of stress and uncertainty was outstanding, thanks in large part to Retreats owners Tila and Michelle Braddock. The property is gorgeous in every regard; the indoor and outdoor spaces are tastefully integrated to promote comfort and relaxation. Amid all of the lockdown anxiety, air travel cancellations and social distancing, we were very fortunate to have landed at Casa Volcan. When the world finally gets back to normal we will definitely return to Lanzarote Retreats, and we are bringing friends and family with us. Thanks very much, Tila and Michelle, from your Canadian Italian friends”

Finca de Arrieta Map.

We have now updated our Finca De Arrieta village map (below), hand drawn by a local artist. A great way to see the unique layout of the accommodations and communal areas.