About Tiagua 81

Tiagua 81 is an elegant collection of self-catering accommodation units, including four studio apartments, plus the two bedroom Rubicon Cottage, ideal for independent travellers, group bookings or tailor-made active breaks such as Walking & Cycling in Lanzarote, Yoga holidays or Gastro weeks in Lanzarote.

Located in the heart of Lanzarote, Tiagua village was once the island trading centre for local produce. The 200-year-old Tiagua building was at this time used as a shop to sell fresh home-grown fruit and vegetables, and the owners of the house also produced their own wine from the bodega building at the side of the main house, now a stylish two bedroom cottage.

Michelle Braddocks parents are the proud owners of Tiagua 81, along with their son Benn and Daughter in-law Zoe. Looking to invest in a project together, they all instantly fell in love with the property. At this point it was a complete ruin, ravaged by years of neglect. However, the potential to restore the building was a challenge which the Atkinson family were keen to take on.

“We fell in love with the traditional character of the building straight away. It was so untouched, and we have always loved the area of Tiagua. It’s close to everything, a perfect location for guests to get out and explore the island. We instantly saw the potential to bring this Rural Finca back to life, and share some real Lanzarote charm with island visitors.”

It’s taken 6 years to create the perfect restoration project at Tiagua 81 (and save the finances to support it!). But It’s been worth every penny of investment, every hour of planning, and every bead of sweat for the Atkinson family, visit Tiagua 81 to see for yourself.

Tiagua 81 Studios
One-bedroom Bermejo
Detached Rubicon Cottage