Holidays are all about spending time together, new experiences and creating memories to take home.

Some of our guests have been kind enough to share their holiday experiences with us by sending us their holiday films. They say a picture paints a thousand words so there is no better way of showing that Finca de Arrieta and Lanzarote are such special and unique places.

* TOP VIDEO * Rob and Sara's family film 2011 - Our holiday at Finca de Arrieta!

Timur Tugalev Travel Filmmaker "Sleeping in a Yurt" - June 2017

Tony and Thomas from Germany - May 2016

Family Getaway 2014

Nicola Strand - January 2012

Kids on Trampoline at Finca De Arrieta - July 2012

Catherine Mack and family - August 2011

* TOP VIDEO * Rob and Sara's family film 2014 - Fantastic summer at Finca de Arrieta!

Timur Tuglev Filmmaker "Finca de Arrieta Holidays" - June 2017

Finca De Arrieta Hen House! - 2013

Finca De Arrieta by Jack Clinton - 2012

Mark, Anita and Family - April 2010 & April 2011

Mark, Anita and Family - 2010