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Finca de Arrieta is not just our family home, it is also home to our pets.


Collecting fresh eggs every morning is a highlight of every child’s holiday at the eco-retreat. With over 30 free-range chickens, there are always plenty to go around. The best time for egg collection is between 10 and 11 am. The chickens love any leftovers except onion as this makes the eggs taste funny!

There is now a family of 14 resident Muscovy ducks. The parents waddled into the retreat one morning and felt so at home they decided to stay and have ducklings. The ducks are very happy here and now have their own duck pond. Their favourite food is lettuce, so any left overs are most appreciated.

There is also a turkey who was re-homed from a local school where it was causing havoc and eating all of the plants the children were growing.

The star of Finca de Arrieta is Mollie, and her sister our resident donkies. They are gentle souls, they have found the perfect home, again like many other animals at the retreat they just turned up one day from a neighbouring house and adopted us. Sometimes her brother turns up at the retreat to keep her company for a day or two until his owner comes down to take him home again.

Mollie loves the attention she gets every day. In the past she has enjoyed taking younger guests for a small ride, however, we feel that she is becoming a little too old for this now, and from March 2013 she has gone into retirement from her riding duties. Please do feel free to go along and pet her though, or feed her from the food storage but not too much as it’s not good for her waistline!

A bright green tree frog has also taken residence amongst the tropical banana plants at the Finca.

We also have a very friendly cat called Zac. We do not encourage you to let her into your accommodations, as not all subsequent guests will appreciate it, but you are welcome to enjoy her company.

Children are welcome to help with feeding time at the office each morning if they wish to.


We hope you will love our pets as much as we do, if you have any pet allergies please talk to us before booking your stay!